Empowering Investment Bankers with Data Science

The Investment Banking industry is driven by customer relationships, which are highly dependent on having a contextual understanding of market developments, the deal cycle, client intent and any past interactions. While the incredible growth of data supports this understanding, relationship management has not become easier as information resides in disparate data sources.

Technology advancements in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are paving the way to help bankers not only to have information at their fingertips but also recommend next best actions based on predictions drawn from the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.

Read this white paper, co-authored by Salesforce and Squirro, to learn how you can build the modern CRM system with built-in AI and Machine Learning to improve your client relationships and identify new clients and opportunities that otherwise would have been missed.

BI Software Pricing Guide: Key Aspects of System Pricing in 2018

This guide is based on extensive market research and is designed to help professionals:

  • Learn about relevant pricing models
  • Understand common price ranges
  • Account for additional cost factors
  • Compare prices of popular systems

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Top BI Tools for 2018 : Get Expert Ratings, Recommendations, and Price Comparisons

SelectHub product ratings and recommendations are based on expert analysis of the top systems matching your needs. Get the inside scoop on system usability and pricing from our analysts--and actual software buyers.

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The Essentials of Business Intelligence and Big Data - 2018 Kit

The Essentials of Business Intelligence and Big Data Kit – 2018 Kit brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your business intelligence and big data related decisions.

The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your business intelligence and big data research:

  • How APIs Are Transforming Large Enterprises
  • Accelerate Digital Transformation with Intelligent Automation


Getting Started with TensorFlow ($10 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

What You Will Learn:

  • Install and adopt TensorFlow in your Python environment to solve mathematical problems
  • Get to know the basic machine and deep learning concepts
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  • Make predictions using regression algorithms
  • Analyze your data with a clustering procedure
  • Develop algorithms for clustering and data classification
  • Use GPU computing to analyze big data

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